Lee Decorating, Inc. will  tackle nationwide a multitude of cleaning applications. The time efficiency and cleaning effectiveness of our  dry ice blast cleaning enables us  to no  longer spend countless man-hours sanding, scraping or scrubbing with solvents. In addition, there is no secondary waste with our  dry ice cleaning,

Cleaning with our Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting  Provides:

No secondary waste

Reduced cleaning time

Clean in-place, no cool down, with minimal disassembly

A non-abrasive clean that won’t damage substrates

Non-conductive process

Media entrapment elimination

Increased operator safety

An environmentally responsible clean

Lee Decorating, Inc. provides applications for our  Ice Blasting Include:

Restoration Projects

Fire Restoration (soot & smoke removal)

Mold Remediation

Historic Preservation

Facility/Plant Maintenance

Walls & Ceiling clean-up

Electric Motors

Tanks & Vessels

Production & Manufacturing Equipment

Power Generation

Hydro Electric Facilities

Combined Cycle Facilities (Gas & Steam)

Coal & Mining Facilities

Sub Stations

Oil & Gas Plants

Nuclear Decommissioning

Food & Beverage

Bottling Plants

Dry Ingredients